Holiday Poinsettias for Sale in Memphis, TN

When you think of flowers used at Christmas time, it’s hard to go without bringing up the classic poinsettia. We offer beautiful poinsettias that allow you to create a festive environment during the holiday season or any other time of the year. When you’re looking for a pretty way to surprise a friend, our same-day delivery service throughout Memphis is a great choice.

Why Poinsettias Are Used as Holiday Flowers

In Mexico, there’s a legend of a girl who gave a handful of weeds as a decoration to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the story, the weeds turned into poinsettias when she put them by the creche. Now, the poinsettia tradition is a seasonal custom all over the world during the Christmas season.

Poinsettias got their name from the first American ambassador to Mexico in the early 1800s. His name was Joel Roberts Poinsett. On his travels, he saw the plants and had some shipped back to his family’s greenhouses, where they’re still grown today. The shape of the poinsettia reminds people of the Star of Bethlehem.

Poinsettias Are a Thoughtful Gift

Although red is the most common color of a poinsettia, they’re also available in white, pink and variegated colors. They make a pretty decoration for a table. They can also be used as cut flowers. Whether you’re celebrating a special event in Memphis or you just want a colorful decoration for your table, our fresh poinsettias are a lovely choice.

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